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I have had a micro-d in May. Now over the last 2-3 mos, I have been having increasing pain. I went on a 2 wk course of Naprosyn. It took the full 2 wks to get SOME relief. Then a few weeks later(2wks ago) I have been in excrutiating pain and last week could barely walk. I went back and he said I most likely need fusion because he knows I barley have any disc left. I went to a pain Dr. and he ordered an MRI for possible inj's and started me on Arthrotec. It has helped a little but if I over do it I'm almost where I was last wk. My question is... How do I know if this is arthritis, facet joint syndrome, or disc pain. Is a discogram the only way? The symptoms aren't that much different online! I have LBP, sometimes across the whole low back into my hips, and bilat. buttock pain not going below my knees, and occasional coccyx pain.