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I've had R/A since age 22 and would be bed ridden if I cant take nsaids or celebrex

from age 22 to approx 34 I took voltaren(diclofenac 75 mg's once a day)

from age 34 to 38 I took Celebrex (200 mg's twice daily)

at 38 I started to have blood in stool --went for colonoscopy and GI doc thinks celebrex was giving me ulcerative colitis symptoms --puts me on Salofalk which is a drug that helps calm down the ulcer and ulcerative colitis symptoms --blood in stool is now rare

so I stop taking celebrex due to that + on the news at the time there was all the heart problem stuff going on with the cox2 inhibitors , so celebrex scared me back into the arms of voltaren(diclofenac)After a bit of research I find out theres a drug called arthrotec which is a combination of voltaren(diclofenac) and misoprostal which is supposed to be easier on the stomach than simply voltaren alone...so it was essentially Arthrotec that I started taking

so basically I've been on Arthrotec from 38 to 40 for a grand total of pretty much 18 years of being on nsaids/celebrex .hows my math ? :p

So time has passed and I start having these unreleated to arthritis health problems --sleep apnea-- where I would awake gasping for air and sometimes vomit would be stuck in the old throat for good measure .So I adress that problem by heading to sleep lab and being diagnosed then getting the cpap machine and so on . So , after a month or so on c-pap , I have another one of these gasping for air fits with the cpcap mask on --not alot of fun I might add .So , I head to the doc and they bring up my air pressure to another level .A few months pass and things seem to be going well with c-pap then whammo , another gasping for air fit + vomit stuck in throat while trying to catch breath episode ....So finally , I say enough is enough .I need to find out if theres something else going on with my breathing + why is there food / vomit coming up .

So, today I finally go in for an endoscopy which is a camera down the throat to check out your tummy .As the days counted down for the appointment it was all about the ''find out why food is coming up my throat'' for the appointment .However when I woke up this morning a new fear struck me when I started thinking about all the years of taking nsaids/celebrex and how pretty was that camera shot going to look at the docs today .

its a busy practice , the nurse runs through your symptoms , GI doc does the procedure and the nurse meets with you again to discuss the findings + give you an appointment date in 3 weeks for a face to face with the GI doc .

two findings

GERD -gastro reflux diesease --which explains the food comin up at night while I sleep

and , in bold letters he wrote Severe inflamed gastritis (which he wrote beside it , due to nsaids )

He prescribed Nexium 40mg's a day and asked me if I could live without nsaids and I said ''not unless I want to be bed ridden '' .....so we kinda left it at that and we'll talk more in our face to face in 3 weeks where he will also discuss and findings of the biopsy taken .

I knew that sooner or later these arthritis drugs would start wreaking havoc on my stomach , which is a sad day to reflect . When I was younger and taking voltaren I led a normal life thanks to the drugs effectiveness ; but now as the years are coming on I find the disease is really starting to take over more and more and the drugs are not quite as effective .

I'm sure there are others here who have been down the same path as me .

a few questions however

does the nexium help heal the gastritis while at the same time allow you to continue taking arthrotec ?

has anyone found a drug as successul as arthrotec that isnt as bad for the stomach ?

and finally , I guess my thoughts are leaning towards celebrex as its not as hard on the stomach

please enlighten me with some ideas and your experiences

thanks , pasquale:)
I have chronic pain and took NSAIDS for 14 years until it started bothering my stomach. Luckily, there was no damage done but I can't take those anymore either. I have no pain relief besides heat, ice, ultrasound, and massage. It's awful how these medications cause complications. When you mentioned Arthrotec I hoped you would have said that it was tolerable. I've thought of that also.