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:confused: I'm 66 and just been diagnosed with periperhal sensory neuropathy. It happened overnight and have basically been told there is not a lot the docs can do for me. Can anyone suggest a good treatment that may have worked for them and also if acupuncture may work. I have arthritis in my back and neck so an osteopath is no good as it makes my back worse. At the moment i am taking Amitriptiline, Solpadol, and Arthrotec. I was given an MRI scan on my neck one vertabrae is close to the spinal column but not enough to cause this. I also have Lipomatosis and have had these for many years, I have seen docs about these over the years and was told they were harmless, I have now been told they could be a cause of PN. I have left the consultant feeling very low and depressed thinking I have no hope of any help at all. Please if anyone can suggest something that has helped them you never know it might help me. Look forward to a reply soon, bye for now.