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Hi there,
I began taking this last year while recovering from back fusion surgery. I had been taking rx arthrotec for appx. 7 years. After a back fusion, you can not take NSAID'S because it interfers with the bone fusion process. I started taking the glu/ch as an alternative. My surgeon gave me the green light to start back with the arthrotec after 9 months, but I chose not to. The only thing I am taking now is this. I buy the economy size bottle at Walmart. I take 1 capsule 3 times a day. I tried a more expensive brand, but this has the same active ingredients and works just as well. My diagnosis's are DDD, scolosis, arthritis of the spine, spinal stenosis, etc. I am very pleased with the results and as long as I am this mobile and feel this good I will continue taking this and no rx meds. It take a few days to get in your system, it is not a quick fix or a pain pill. You really can not even tell you are taking it, then all of a sudden you just realize, hey...I'm not hurting today. Good luck. Bren