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Hi KT :wave:

Wow! Thanks for the Welcome Home Party ! :D HAHA!

I had a great time but the flights were a nightmare with delays and long layovers. GLAD to be home. I walked my self to death in London only 1 day. We had one teen come down with the stomach flu from the plane ride and she was out of it for 2 days -- she had to be taken to the ER there, but she's fine. i was glad on the 2nd day, because I had to stay back with her instead of walking around London again! I wanted to go again and see the rest of the sights and knew my ankle would give me problems as it did the first day in London; but was happy to stay with her :D

you know, i walked around the airports, up stairs and escalators (that quit working!), we went to a castle and I walked myself ragged there, we painted a home, walked through a neighborhood passing out flyers/tracts. No wonder my dang hip hurts! LOL! :jester: But you know, it did not bother me when I was there. I was putting more weight on that right leg because of my bum left ankle and maybe those few steps in "Wally World" just did me in.

I just made an appt with my OS for this Thursday to see about my hip. I just wasn't sure if I should see the neuro about it or not because it felt "tight" like a spasm. I guess the OS is the best place to start. I am already seeing him about my ankle hurting again since the surgery and after giving me a steroid pack -- that didn't help, he's trying me out on Lidoderm patches around the ankle in combo with Arthrotec (NSAID). He said he might need to go in again to look by arthroscopy. He's saying now it's bursitis in the ankle and the most mild arthritis that shouldn't cause this much pain.

we will see ;)

Thanks again for the welcome home wishes :wave: Hope you are feeling well and stayin' cool! :cool:

blessings my friend,
Hi Jane :wave:

I was dx'd with tendonitis in my left ankle at age 7. it was SO painful whenever I would rollerskate or play outside i couldn't walk the next day. it got better as i got older and didn't play or rollerskate as much, but too much mall walking ;) and it would set it off.

in 1993 i fell off the last step on my porch - it was like my heel was right on the edge of the step and i had been driving for like 8 hrs and i guess it was weak. well, i sprained the living daylights out of it. the urgent care i went to didn't tell me to follow up with an OS and i just worked through it, but 13 years later (2006) it had been giving me problems, always twisting it, it was loose and i would stumble and it was painful just sitting. I also was walking on the outside of my foot which has caused a bunion on that big toe from not properly walking (i don't wear heels or pointy toe shoes). OS did MRI and it still had a tear and the ligaments were stretched and he set me up with PT and it didn't improve and in Nov 2006 i had ankle ligament repair surgery to tighten and repair. surgery has been pretty successful until recently.

i cannot spend more than an hour on it at a time with out it killing me. we had a car wash fundraiser the week before we left for England and i was on it for 4 hours washing cars and stooping and bending and couldn't walk for the next 2 days without tremendous pain and could hardly move it from side to side. OS gave me a steroid pack for a week and said he believes its bursitis and maybe scar tissue around the incision where he did the work. well it didn't help and walking in London, painting a home there, walking through JFK and everything else, it was just as bad.

The Lidoderm patches (12 hrs on/12 hrs off) and the Arthrotec (2x day) seem to have helped a bit. Now my hip is getting messed up :(

So, i just have had trouble with it since i was a kid. I will definitely make sure all those docs are talking with each other.

I bet we have passed each other in the docs offices and didn't even know it :D

Well, take care and keep cool. Wishing you well.

Hi Jane :wave:

You crack me up!!!!!:jester:

My OS had given me the lidoderm patches for my chronic ankle pain and they've helped, but stop using them and the pain is back (that in combo with Arthrotec). I asked him if I could get a WHOLE BODY PATCH of lidoderm, that could be a good thing.

I'm sorry you are having troubles with your hips. I go through ups and downs with them. I must say I have been very much on the downside physically. i'm now getting this burning sensation on my right shin (inner side) and i just am moving very slow. i've been pretty busy lately - my mom broke her collar bone June 27, one day before we came home from england and i've been helping her and my dad out with everything. she went back last thursday for a followup and the bone had not healed and she had surgery the next morning, so i've still been helping her with things still and i think i'm just getting tired, but i know where my Strength comes from.

I absolutely HATED PT!:( It took me an hour to do PT for just my ankle, i can't imagine 3 different locations. Praying everything goes well for you and that. keep me posted!

How 'bout those thunder boomers we've been having this week?!