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Hello all,

This is my second post. I have chronic pelvic pain probably as a result of my back condition (diastematomyelia). I was recently put on 15mg MS contin twice/day and was raised to 3x/day. I am also on vicodin 5/500 4x/day. My pm doctor is so reluctant to make any changes to my medication (even with the fact that i am still in a lot of pain). He told me that opiates will do more harm than good (even though they are the only meds that are allowing me to go to work etc). He is arrogant and doesnt even listen to what i have to say. He took me off ibuprofen and prescribed arthrotec and indomethacin as a replacement which has done close to nothing.I cant easily change pain docs as all of my treatment is done at a major hospital. Does anyone have any advice for me....questions to ask my doc etc?

I would appreciate any help.