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Hi Anita,
From my own experience, yes, the pain gets progressively worse as the RSD spreads from stage 1 to 2. Mine was a result of a fall at work. The injury was to my left hand and wrist. It has been 4 years now and I have it on the entire left side of my body. RSD attacks the central nervous system, so if it is not arrested at the point of impact it will get worse. I now take 1000mg of Arthrotec, 1500 mgs of Neurotin, 10 mgs of Flexeril, 7500 mgs of Vicodin, 20mgs of Lexapro, 10mgs of Provigil plus 5 mgs as needed of Valium daily.
I am still on pain. I am currently waiting for WC to approve the Ketamine Infusion for me as nothing else has helped. One of the key things I try to do is keep moving. If you don't move you add muscle atrophy to the problem. I hoped that I helped. Please feel free to get back to me if you need to.