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I hope I'm on the right board - I know this is long, but PLEASE bear with me!

In Feb., I started having pain in my left middle finger. Nothing major, didn't go to the doctor. By June, when I went in for my annual, it was becoming an issue - it had spread up my arms to my shoulders. I also started having major pain in by back (upper and lower). So since June, I've tried to convince THREE doctors that there's something wrong. I know all the "don't switch doctors" theories, but here's the the diagnostics I've had from all three: carpal tunnel test (press your hands together), hand x-rays, SED rate along with a whole bunch of other blood tests (including West Nile Virus) and shoulder x-rays. I've tried: ibuprofen, naprosyn, sulfazalazine, arthrotec and vistra, all anti-inflammatories.

I'm seeing a chiropractor now (5 weeks in), and it's helped a little. He took x-rays of my spine and says I have cervical kyphosis and a degenerated disk in my low back, and we're still holding out hope it'll get better. But I can't go for about more than four hours sitting at work without being in serious pain. My lower back always hurts. About five weeks ago, my left hip went numb. It's still numb. I have shooting pains in my hips and down my legs - mostly down the backs, but after a while my calves and ankles start to get in on the action. From the middle of my back to the middle of my shoulders, it feels like I'm getting jabbed with a hot poker. My shoulders, elbows and lower arms (both sides, but worse on the right) feel like they're on fire. If I work too long, the TOPS of my wrists ache.

So I guess here's the thing - I realize the back-hip-lower leg things are probably from the disk. I think after Thanksgiving I'm going to convince someone to MRI the disk to see how bad it is. But what's wrong with my arms?!? Is it coming from spinal problems, or should I be looking elsewhere? And how do I convince my doctor I need help? Narcotics are, of course, helpful for the pain, but it's not solving the problem. But, now that my PCP has cut me off the Lortab (I've been on it for six weeks), I have NO pain relief, and no solution in sight.

I don't know where else to turn - if ANYONE has any insight/suggestions/directions to a really tall cliff I can jump off of, PLEASE let me know!