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pbjmom.....first, want to point out that 'some' sensations of burning in the chest to my surprise i was told can be from reflux. i had a horrible pain like a nail stabbing my chest once, and doc said it was my reflux, gastrointestinal stuff. having said that, when i was told i had arthritis in my neck (that explained physio saying pinched nerve) doc prescribed arthrotec. however, she 'mentioned' that some people find "glucosamine/chondroitin/MSM" helpful. you can get the glucosamine alone, but for me it doesnt work well without the other ingredients. it is a natural supplement, which i am not a holistic fanatic. but what i can tell you, is , that i started taking the glucosamine etc, and never did take much of the prescription. meds. one time i ran out of glucosamine, and thought i would buy more 'sometime' when it was on sale. but within a day or two i felt like i had been beat with a baseball bat, i was in pain. ouch. took me two weeks back on the glucosamine before i began to not have pain. i have been on it 6 years now, and just once in awhile during stress or lack of rest i may have a little break through , so i take a third dose. the combination i have is 840 units(grams or mgs or whatever)...300/300 and 240 of the three ingredients, not necessarily in that order. but i take 2 pills in a.m. and 2 in pm. there are preparations out there well known on commercials on tv, but i read the bottle and one in particular only had 150mg. that wouldnt touch my pain, but my worry is that those who try it may think it doesnt work, when in fact the dose is too low. pharmacists can be very helpful in this respect. for me before i had meds, it was like waking up with akink in your neck, only it didnt go away, and over the next few weeks it ached down one arm, then it would move to the other arm. sitting was difficult , so when i applyed for my current job, i stood up in the interview. (they all knew me already so it wasnt a problem) good luck finding what works for you.