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It seems there are very few posters on this board with reactive arthritis/reiters syndrome, but if anyone has experience with relapses I'd really like their opinion as to typical duration and severity. I was basically laid-up in pain January - March 2008 and then began recovering through April to the point of almost being symptom/pain free, but then began relapsing at the end of April (2 weeks ago), with increasing severity/pain every passing 3-4 days which is similar to the original disease progression. I've been taking 150mg a day of Lyrica for pain, 1 tablet of Arthrotec per day for inflammation, a ton of Arthritis supplements, began a low-acid diet, and go to physical therapy 2 days a week for the last 5 weeks. Up until this relapse I thought I was on my way to complete recovery in a couple more weeks. I felt great, almost 100% back to normal...the contrast between normal and the worst point of this illness a few months before is incredible. My relapse symptoms include pain and stiffness in my lower lumbar/upper sacroiliac area, hip pain, broad muscle/tendon pain in the upper back and then there's the weird on and off again pain on the sides of my upper calves, neck, and thighs. Don't have morning stiffness and the pain seems to be worse with stress and bad weather...go figure. None of the urinary tract trigger infection symptoms have returned, I know some believe relapses are the result of the original trigger infection acting up again. The only thing different is I had mouth/throat soars at the beginning of the relapse that have now gone away. Anyhow the doctor's, and internet prognosis says this disease usually runs it's course in up to 12 months duration with relapses being common, if not expected. So I was wondering if anyone with reactive arthritis/reiters for less than 1 year duration can give me some feedback on their experience in terms of severity and duration of relapses...thank you.