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Thanks for the replies. Life has surely been a roller coaster ride the last year. I take 4-10/500mg hydrocodone, 2-4mg zanaflex, 2 Arthrotec 75, and 2-3mg Lunestaat night. I cannot walk, stand or sit for long periods. I have to raise my knees at night then push them into a frog position until they pop before I can even get to sleep. WC Dr. says I am fine to work with limitations of 75lbs....8 other Dr.'s have told me that it is unsafe to work. Boss will not let me work while I am on pain meds. What do I do? WC does not know about my AVN. We are trying to link it to my t11-t12 injury. Ortho 2nd opinion says it is related. I see WC dr. tomorrow morning. I have all ideas he will try to take me off of my meds so I can return to work. What should I do or say to him? I completed an FCE and gave it my all....Results were medium work which he says is above and beyond my Job description. Any help appreciated. Oh yeah, I have already had 9 injections in cervical spine, thoracic spine and Facet joints.