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i have ulcerative colitis and i had the symptoms you mentioned. i would wake up in the middle of the night with really bad cramps and have to run to the bathroom. i also had a lot of blood. now i'm on asacol and that's been keeping it under control. no more cramps, no more blood = happy me.

anyway, my point is... i was scared out of my mind, as you are, that it was cancer but it wasn't. as has been said, there are pleanty of other conditions that produce these symptoms. my advice to you is to not let yourself get on the internet and read all of this stuff... i regretted it when i did it and it just makes the wait that much harder. you will find out soon enough what it is... no need to stress yourself out even more by reading about worst case scenerios on the internet.

hopefully you'll find out it isn't anything too serious. please keep us updated.