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hi steve... glad to hear you don't have cancer... i also have a mild case of ulcerative colitis. it first started with blood in the stools and some mild/moderate cramping... but i've been on a drug called Asacol since January and it's been very controllable with that. i'm sure that's what they'll put you on or a generic version called Sulfasalazine. the problem with sulfasalazine is that, while the main active drug is the same as asacol and it's cheaper, it contains sulfer, which has the possibility of causing some crappy side effects, like sensitivity to light, and skin discoloration (yellow)... and even though those symptoms may not happen, i decided i didn't want to possibly deal with that kind of stuff since i was already having to deal with the disease itself and just stayed on asacol. right now i'm particitpating in a clinical trial for a new UC drug. if you go to the bowel disorders board you can read up on my experiences and others who have UC. good luck to you.