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I've been lucky and only needed surgery for the crohns once. I had a fistula but was so infected they couldn't look to see where it was so they did a temporary colostomy. I had just had a hysterectomy before that so they thought that was what went wrong, at that time they didn't realize I had crohns. I wasn't diagnosed for another 3 years after that. I also get terrible abdominal pains when its acting up. I've been on asacol, imuran and mega doses of steroids to control it. I just had a good colonoscopy a couple of months ago so the GI took me off all my crohns meds!! Its only a matter of time until it comes back with a vengeance. I'm lucky that the scar tissue I have doesn't bother me too much, just a bit of pulling once in awhile. What all crohns meds have you tried? I've now been diagnosed with osteopenia and osteoporosis so its going to be fun to find a med for that that won't upset my GI system!!

Thank you Lisa for the info. I start the med tomorrow. We'll see about it, I'll keep an update.


I also went many years before I was diagnosed. I was in remission for approximately 14 years with maybe 3 or 4 flare ups (very minor) during that time. I had a child in 2002 and ever since that I have been in a world of hurt :(

I have tried like you, mega doses of steroids (evil, evil medication), this made me gain so much weight and it made me sweat and my heart pound. Despite high doses it didn't work. I have also tried Pentasa, all the sulfa drugs, asacol, remicade infusions (this made it worse so I had to have surgery.

Anyway it will be nice to get to know you and talk about Crohn's.

Take care, my daughter will not let me be on the computer anymore, talk later.