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Hi Chronietoo - I am glad you can take meds for your Crohn's. I am allergic to almost everything and can not take sulfa or asacol, etc. When I had an 8 hour bleeding attack from the rectum in 2001 I was on Prednisone from July to March 2002. Could not do that now with the osteo. I was on HRT then and my bones did not go down. In august 2002 I had a mastectomy for DCIS and taken of HRT as once you have breast cancer that is a no no. Even told to stay away from soy. Anyway, my Crohn's has been pretty much under control with 2 Librium 10 mg. 4x/day or 1 Librium 5 mg and 1 librax when spasms (going a lot and pain) are bad. My big problem is the gastritis and esophagitis and acid reflux that hits the upper chest/lower throat area. I guess they call that silent reflux as the rest of the esophagus does not hurt. I always have a "sore throat". The endoscopy done 2 years ago did show some esophagitis at the lower sphincter also. I am on 30 mg. Prevacid AM, 30 mg. Prevacid PM and 300 mg. Zantac PM and still have the problem and the endo wants me to take Fosamax. I am really scared to even if it is the liquid. The liquid does not come in daily only weekly dosing. Pills sometimes get stuck so that is why she gave me the liquid and said "it won't make your problem any worse". Right!!!! I told her it has been worse lately but she said to try it anyway. I am seeing my gastro doc tomorrow and see what he says. I am also afraid because of all my drug allergies....suppose I am allergic to a drug that stays in your system for a week??? She said if I can't take that she was going to do the Pamidronate IV every 3 months. Well, as I said before both the oral surgeon and oncologist warned me against Zometa because of the osteonecrosis because of the osteoarthritis in the jaw joints and the slow bone healing of my pulled tooth (have to get that other one out) so what is the difference between the Pamidronate and the Zometa. I have to look back - someone said Wow they did not know how much different they were but I could not find the post regarding the difference. If you know could you post it. Thanks for your ears everyone. I am on Evista and going down. I feel kind of lost because at least I am not allergic to it and taking a new medicine is always scary for me because I just never know what is going to happen. Also my immune system is really bad -- can't have flu shot (allergic to Thimerasol) can't have pneumonia shot, tetenus shot, etc. etc. etc. The biggy is allergy to carba mix which is in everything (synthetic and natural rubber) - band aid adhesive, IV ports, rubber stoppers in med vials, blood pressure cuffs, catheters, etc. Feeling kind of lost here. Soon I'm going to need a shrink to get me through this. I am even afraid the gastro doc might suggest another endo. Wasn't allergic to carba mix then but the scope has fluorinated rubber in the tip and angle and dermatologist said I could swell up inside, get a rash or anaphylatic reaction - even a delayed reaction. Could you imagine your esophagus swelling up? Gastro doc doesn't seem to think much of patch testing but if I need a band aid my skin actually swells where the adhesive part was - after I take it off......so I know the allergy is real. Thanks. :eek:

Don't be depressed -- I know I have been. I am 36% below fracture level in the spine and a little less in the hip area. Evista isn't working but there is nothing else I can do either. In fact, my leg has been bothering me and I hope it is not DVT. I was actually thinking of going back to HRT in spite of the mastectomy but the gyn is probably right - I shouldn't take it. However, I did get the book "myths of osteoporosis" that everyone is talking about and did find out some interesting info. I have been on mega Librium/Librax for a long time to try to keep the Crohn's under control as I can't take Asacol or Sulfa and supposedly that contributes to osteoporosis. I also upped my Vitamin D by 200 mg. along with the calcium. I don't want to die of osteo but the other osteo drugs would probably kill me anyway. I also saw something promising about Strontium Ranelate or something like that.....it is supposed to have no side effects as it is some trace earth element and Servier Labs is developing it. Take a look at Osteoporosis Watch....it shows all the drugs and up and coming drugs. Very interesting. Hope it is out soon. Good luck and keep posting. I'd like to hear how you are doing and will reply and let you know how things are going on this end. Take care.