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I've got UP. I was dx with it 2.5 years ago and had the same symptoms as you do. I was given Asacol and it worked (took about a month). Was doing very well for the 2.5 years until last month-January. I was getting alot of pain and discomforot......constipated, bloated, spasms (also have IBS-lucky me)...so GI wanted to do a colonoscopy. Did it on monday (2/7/05) and all looked good but there was a very small amount of inflammation still in my rectum and some "irritation" in my left colon which the doc thinsk (and I HOPE) was only caused by the prep. We'll see...have my biopsy results in another week.....so will know more then.

To answer your questions...the doc proboably saw ulcers which cause the blood in your stool along with inflammation. you should really ask to be put on an anti-inflammatory drug such as Asacol-very little side effects if any. This is a drug that is used as maintenance therapy...once you get your flare under control, you should continue on this so you never flare as badly as you are now.....i'm also on the cortifoam...will be on it for a week now and am told to be on it for amonth as well......very little side effects even though this is a steriod....it's a local one-much better than taking oral steriods...you want those to be your last resort due to all the negative side effects. eat plain, bland foods and try the fiber but may cause more problems. i noticed that people with both IBS and IBD are really in a bind...IBS wants you to have more fiber in your diet but IBD can really disagree with it......

good luck and let me know how you're doing....oh, one postive thing...my GI has told me that although we've got a form of UC, it's in a spot that more than likely doesn't progress to UC....80% that it doesn't if it doesn't move within the first 2 years of diagnosis.
hi meggsters....

i was unofficially dx with UP via a sigmoidoscopy...then followed it up with a colonoscopy a month later once my symptoms had gone away for the most part with the help of Asacol. GI wanted to find out how much of my colon was affected.....had my follow-up colonoscopy this Monday because it was my 3 year followup...she likes to keep close tabs on me:)