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Thanks for responding Cancerdad. My husband decided I should call the hospital to find out what it could be. I phoned the number and then they gave me a new 800 number to call. On this line you are linked up with RN's who evaluate things that are happening and decided if it is an emergency or not. She told me she wanted me in there within 4 hours. Usually my bp is lower than normal (low enough to send nurses running for there crash carts!!)both are double digits eg. 90/54 but today it was 138/91 and my pulse was really racing at 136. He gave me ativan and that helped slow it down. I think I was just so scared and thats why it was raising. He did an ecg of my heart just to be sure and everything was good. He mentioned deep inside my left ear that it was red and swollen so he thinks that is maybe what is causing this. My blood work was good though so he isn't positive it is that. He did provide me a strong antibiotic and told me if there was no change by Monday to go to my doc or if it got worse to come back to the hospital. Too me it doesn't feel like the strange sensations and the pain is coming from the ear. If a person made me pin down where its coming from I would say the temple area.

There are no seizures that we are aware of but I'm also the only one with crohns disease so figure that one out lol..

Right now the meds I'm on are mscontin 30 am and 60 pm and I get 80 oxyir 10mg for bt and asacol. All of these meds I've been on for quite some time. I did mention to my family doc the last time I saw her that I thought I was developing an allergy to elavil 100mg. It would seem as soon as I took them my sinuses instantly would close off and I would have to breathe out of my mouth only to sleep.

I can't help but wonder if it could be the spina bifida occulta doing this. I've been told it doesn't cause pain but nobody said it wouldn't affect me at all.
All I really know about it is that its a hole in my spinal cord but I don't know where. Thanks for your info it was greatly appreciated and will ask my doctor about it when I see her again.

I know this is long and I'm sorry.