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I just joined these boards after reading quite a few posts.
In 1997 or '98 (I forgot) I started having some blood in my stool and I went to a GI doctor for an exam. He gave me a sigmoidoscopy that day without a cleanout and even though he only got up about 15 cm he said that there was some inflamation on my bowel. He gave me some meds that weren't strong enough and scheduled me for a colonoscopy. I wimped out FOUR consecutive times (after prepping the night before ) over a period of months and decided to switch doctors.
I started to go to his partner and HE gave me a sigmoidoscopy (he got up around 30 cm high or so) and I had BEGGED him to withdraw the scope.
At that time he diagnosed me with "Distal Ulcerative Colitis " and put me on ASACOL (400mg 4 tabs 3 times daily) AND ROWASA medicinal enemas (medicine in enema form that you squirt into your colon at night and let the medicine coat the walls...anti inflamatory). During the first several years it seemed like my disease was managable and my distended stomach had gone away and the bleeding was intermittent...BUT he still wasn't able to get me in to have a full colonoscopy.

I have had the following symptoms...bloody lower caliber stools(very thin or shapeless)...some distention of my tummy...etc.
Well I am also anemic and he wants me to take iron supplements).
BUT....sporadically within the last few months my symptoms have gotten worse and I am back on the ASACOL ..with Rowasa (I had gone off of it for over a year without telling him yet I continued the Rowasa at night).
SO NOW...I can't seem to digest solid food without having urgencies to empty my bowel...and I am freaking out because I have convinced myself that It MUST be cancer and that I will HAVE to have the colonoscopy and possibly an operation.
I have serious issues about being poked prodded or being put out with anesthesia.
I need real helpful advice as I sit here.
Right now it is 5:40 am in Michigan and I have to see him at 2:15 pm this afternoon. I have been on an all liquid diet since Tuesday (advice from the doctor who was covering for him the other day) and I can't seem to stop having these symptoms.....distended belly with tenderness and slight pain.....urgency to evacuate bowels....diarrhea...(once with some blood).
I am fearing the worst and have been obsessing again and again...searching all over the internet..cancelling work and feeling like my life is going to be hell and eventually ending from disease.
I AM A 51 year old white male with panic disorder and am terribly worried about the worst case scenarios coming true.
Indeed it may be cancer but since you have already been diagnosed with Distal Ulcerative Colitis it is more likely that the Asacol is losing its effectiveness and thus your colitis is rearing its ugly head again. THE only way to be sure is to have the colonoscopy done. You have already undergone the worst part of a c'scopy. That is the prep.

A sigmoidiscope is indeed uncomfortable, even painful but it is not the same as a colonoscopy which is a flexible instrument, unlike the inflexible sigmoidiscope, and you will be given anesthesia. You will either be pretty loopy or out completly. This is NOT a general anesthetic though so don't worry about that. If you have any allergies to coedine or other drugs you should make sure they know about that though.

I have had several c'scopies and have never had any discomfort at all.