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I've used it for 16 years, and I have had good success with it. You have to be patient for it to work....but you can do it.

I too worried at first about retainint it, but my doctor said if it's in for half an hour to an hour, especially when in a full flare, that's good.

How long do you retain them for now?

I would as well suggest to the doctor to at least start you on Salofalk....just 4 a day to start to keep inflammation in the rest of the colon at bay.

It can spread upward if not treated, not for all, but it has for many. The enemas (Rowasa and Salofalk) are made to go up into the sigmoid....so most of the inflammed area will be covered with what you have.

It can take months for it to work properly, and since you were on a steroid med before, it might take longer.

Stay on your left side for the entire half hour to an hour for sure after using it.

I still get that rush of wanting to evacuate after my initial insertion. I do a lot of grunting and breathing through pursed lips until it passes...which is only about 30 - 60 seconds, but seems forever.
In all the years, I've only had to expel 2. That's a few bucks down the toilet (they're expensive), but not bad. I try my darndest to keep them in and breathe through any urges I have during the night. It's especially difficult going to urinate! ;-b lots of muscle control there!!! haha, you'll get used to it.

I really hope they work for you. They are still the best med so far for UC..plus they can be used, tapered, maintained for very long periods of time.

My UC is rectum/sigmoid. I use Asacol 6 daily and the Salofalk retention enemas to treat flares and for maintenance. At this time, I'm on every 4 nights.

When you get to that point, I can help you with the tapering if you have any questions.

It's awesome med for sure....but there are some who cannot tolerate it at all.

Best to you,

Yes, it will diminish as you heal.

There's also a med called Bentylol (Bentol in US) which is dicyclomine. It will help with the cramping. I use it in 10 and 20 mg (when I'm not out and about). I would suggest you ask for the 10mg. Definitely a staple for a person with UC.

For a burning in the stomach, I use a half teaspoon of baking soda in a half glass of water and take a few sips. Works well.

Are you on Asacol as well?

Sounds as though things will be better soon!