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Just to clarify....when you were on the nightly Pentasa enemas plus the suppositories..were you getting worse during that time? or did you stop taking them then got worse? Have you NEVER improved while taking the 5ASA meds?

I do think you should be using an oral 5ASA med such as Pentasa or Asacol at the same time as the rectal meds. I'm a "hardcore" 5ASA user. Have used it for 16 years.. Asacol (6 daily) and Salofalk enemas to treat flares (I'm now at one every 5 nights after my last flare)

You could have another discussion with your doc. Suggest you want to try the oral med as well as the Pentasa enemas.

You're not wrong in thinking that pred should be a last resort. I would flatly refuse...as a matter of fact I did refuse the script by another doctor when mine was out of town.

Have you had a colonoscopy at all? There is a UC where the rectum is inflammed as well as the cecum. If it's not being treated, then the rectum will remain inflammed as well. That's why the suggstion of taking the Pentasa is actually a good one. It dissolves in the small intestine and would treat that area (if it's affected)....as well as the colon.

I credit you in delaying the pred for now. One option would be to only do a 10 day taper when you do try it. Then if THAT doesn't work, consider a longer term. I shudder at the thought beyond a 10 day taper dosage. That's me, tho.

Other options could be immunosupressants (imuran, 6-MP, remicade..)

Don't worry about your doctor being ticked off.....work on getting him on your side to try the other meds first. Make it like it was his idea (haha).

I read some of your other posts...you do have a lot emotionally and physically going on as well. Stress can exacerbate UC for sure. My condolences on the loss of your sister. The impact would be immense.

Keep posting as to how you're doing. Maybe we can offer other suggstions as well.

Best to you,