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I have been diagnosed with Crohns disease for a little over a year. They found it becouse of fistula's that decided to exit my body via my female parts. Sorry so graphic. I had to have two colonoscopes to diagnose it. I had to take the prednisone for about 4 months. I will tell you from experience that it makes you eat like crazy. I found it best to keep pretzel or crackers around. I have been taking Asacol and Augmentin XR for the Crohns since my last Colonoscope. I have heard a lot about the Remicade treatments and am wondering how you feel about it? My DR talked to me about it to clear up the fistulas but I have worries about it. I am only 23 and want to have kids. He has told me that they really dont know how it would affect a pregnancy. Besides the fistulas I have only had a few minor problems with it. I, of course, get really sleep all the time, the many trips to the bathroom every once in awhile, and lately I have been getting really bad stomach spasms. He gave me meds for it and I feel much better. It is nice to talk to people who have Crohns. I hope that you get better and if you have any ? for me I will check back in.