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Hi guys- I got a script for asacol and I am going to try it for a few weeks to see if my symptoms don't go away. If they don't, I'll mention it on the 17th (have a doctor's appointment then, anyway) I have some questions, though. PLEASE ANSWER!!!

1. What does a rectal tumor feel like to the touch?

2. If you are used to bleeding quite a bit but it slows down a little (but still bloody) is that a good sign? If it was cancer wouldn't it get worse?

3. Can ulcerative colitis make you feel like you have a ball shoved up your *** (sorry, but that's what it feels like)?

4. How easy is it for a doctor to miss an abdnormal mass or growth when performing a DRE? If the mass moves, couldn't they momentairly push it higher up and miss it?

5. Is there a blood test to test for cancer of the colon/rectum?

6. Is there something I can do at home to find out if whatever it is, is serious? If it's just colitis it should go away with medication, right? If it remains, does that mean it's a tumor?

7. Is there a way I can make sure, if I get up the nerve for a DRE, that the doctor feels it? It moves a little and you have to press fairly firmly on the bowel to feel the hard bulge under. I am afraid if I do go, my doctor won't feel it and will think I am a hypochondriac?

8. How fast do tumors grow? Whatever it is, I am sick of worrying about it.

9. If someone has rectal cancer, do they have to have a permanent colostomy?

10. Isn't cancer in 22 year olds virtually non existent?

11. Can tumors move in the colon and rectum and sometimes sit farther back and sometimes push forward?

12. How easily do tumors bleed?

13. Is there something I can do to make sure that the doctor feels this weird mass? I am afraid that they'll push it back and not feel it or not realize it feels different to me than the surrounding area.

14. This is an important question- is rectal cancer hotter than normal rectal tissue? Could I maybe get some sort of indication if I took my temp back there? How much hotter than normal tissue is cancer supposed to be, degree wise?

I wish there was an at-home test I could do to see what's wrong. Cancer looks different than healthy tissue, right? Does anyone know if it's possible to examine themselves at home and actually see up there somehow?

I will give my colitis medicine a chance to work first though.

Also, lately i have been having trouble swallowing. I am sick of pesky, weird physical symptoms. I just know they are going to think I am a hypochondriac...