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Seems like even though I only go to the bathroom once a day (sometimes twice) my stools are still smaller in caliber than normal and often contain some blood but not always.
I am taking all my Asacol and Rowasa and have been eating a lot of lower residue foods...(lots of rice and white breads..avoiding red meat and spicy stuff..no veggies and so forth).
I also notice that even though I don't get daytime "urgencies" to move my bowels ...It seems like I don't get my stools TOTALLY out and I have to wipe extra well. After I am done I feel pretty satisfied but I still wonder WHY can't I have a NORMAL BM? AM I NEVER GOING TO HAVE A REMISSION?
Please Advise.
Are you at least eating protein in the form of some meat?

Are you taking a probiotic?

It all takes time, and from what you're describing is a normal lessening of UC symptoms. Sounds normal to me. :)

REmission...it's the holy grail of many. :yawn:

Start eating more food that will help bulk up the stool.

Why can't you ever have a normal bm? What's normal anyway???? :confused:

This is just a phase...one you'll have many times. Recognise it and change your eating habits to change the stool. Start adding a bit more fibre.

Have you added acidophilus or a probiotic yet?

Glad to see you on the boards, and from my perspective you're doing fine. :bouncing:

How long nightly on the rowasa...how many asacol again?

quincy :wave:
Hi Quincy,

Nice to see you again. I am taking Asacol 400mg tablets...4 tablets 3 times a day...and a Rowasa retension enema at night.

I have added fish chicken and eggs to my diet but in moderation. I have also been eating all natural CHEETOS (comfort food ) and some potato chips. Occasionally...I'll have a chocolate bar.

I have had a ton of rice..(mostly white rice now as it is advised on the loiw residue diet) I will have some milk with my Rice krispies and corn flakes.
I drink orange juice now and then and some macaroni and cheese.

No acidopholis or probiotics..but I eat a yogurt a day.

Ya think I should be adding more fiber now?

What's new with you?
Dear Quincy,

Okay here's what happened before I joined boards.
After a very uncomfortable sigmoidoscopy in around 1998 I was diagnosed with distal UC. I was prescribed Asacol and later Rowasa along with it.
Taking meds was VERY sporadic for me and I had even stopped taking the Asacol for about two years without telling my doctor. Consequently, I would have very loose or formless watery stools,small caliber stools with blood, and yes DRIPPING blood. I would find myself having an urgency during the middle of the day sometimes and that was a rough one espicially if I was out shopping or at a gig.
In Late January I saw my doctor and told him about this. He advised going back on the ASACOL and not missing my Rowasa....also he said I should take Iron suppliments for my anemia. I started taking all meds again but then about 7-10 days later things began to get real bad and I went through that monster flare-up where I was going to the bathroom 10 or more times a day....I came back and that's when he wanted me to take Prednisone.
Well...I was afraid of the Prednisone and after going through hell...with the ER visits and losing so much water weight..(and freaking myself out) I decided to change my diet and take ALL my meds religiously.

After about a week...things tamed down. I saw a lot less blood in my toilet (no more dripping bowls of blood) and my stools were starting to form a little.
STILL HAD DISTENDED BELLY. Sometimes it would be harder and more sensitive to the touch and sometimes it would go down a little.

I started getting my strength back and gained my weight back..or most of it.
My appetite for food is normal but now I am frustrated that I can't seem to go any further with my "recovery".

I have NEVER had a colonoscopy ( issues about being drugged and more)...and my doctor feels he's treating me with his hands tied behind his back and in a way I can't blame him.

Right now...I am feeling low because I just visited the bathroom twice in about a half an hour and found that my stools were very very small...semi formed and not very dense. ALSO...I feel that everytyime I go...as of the last two weeks, I can't seem to get enoough gas behind me stools to completely eject them and feel emptied. In other words....It seems as if there is some stool at the very opening or the anus and I have to dig out with baby wipes to clean myself. outside of that..I don't get middle of the day urgencies as a rule now...and I see very little blood. So that has improved.
What is scaring me...is the small caliber stoools...the feeling of not getting it ALL out and the worry that something is partially blocking my stool from exiting my bowel.
So..in my worried head...I think about the "c" word....because what else could it mean?
My doctor FWIW...sincerely believes that there is no cause for worry about cancer but on the other hand I think he's just saying that.
He DID tell my girlfriend on the telephone about a month ago that "If only he would LET me do a colonoscopy I could PROVE to him that he doesn't have cancer"
Well,on WhAT basis can he say that?
I have many symptoms of it..and why is HE saying that to us?
Is he trying to stop me from worrying?
I dunno...I'm all messed up right now.
If ONLY I could have a NORMAL HEALTHY bowel movement that was large and formed and so forth....I would have hope....but as of late I am starting to lose hope.
I made an appointment to go back and report changes to the doctor in late April (he was double booked) and see him for at LEAST one more time.
Maybe I need a doctor who is willing to treat me as a patient and not as a bundle of symptoms.