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I think you should still be on the Rowasa nightly. I know it's difficult to sleep, but give it a fair chance. Even if you use it for 2 weeks. I've used it once for almost 4 months nightly (I use Salofalk -- I'm in Canada).

From what you explained...your bms are getting less than the 7 on Sunday. As well, I think the doctor should put you on Asacol or another oral 5ASA med since you've been having loose or diarrhea type stool. It's possible you have mild inflammation higher than the rectum if those are your symptoms.

Another thing......have you had a colonoscopy? If so when?

You're welcome re: questions.....I can offer another perspective at least. Unfortunately, what works for me might not work for others.....but one thing that I've taken from all this which was advice from my doc .. "be patient and use your meds properly". I have, and 16 years later I can say with 100% honesty....it's worked for me.

I would love for you to have the same success.