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I have a nasty case of microscopic colitis that will not go away. I
had c.diff in January, and I have been in pain (cramping, gas pains,
diarrhea, nausea) ever since. i had a flare up in April and since
my entire colon hurts and feels like a ball of gas, the cramping is
the worst. I have been put on Pentasa, then Pamine for cramping, then
Entocort which did nothing, now i am on Asacol and seem to have even
more gas pains. I am avoiding dairy and wheat, and taking probiotics.
The microscopic colitis was found on colonoscopy, and all my latest
c.diff tests are negative. The GI doc saw no signs of c.diff in my
colon either.

Please tell me this colitis will go away, i cant suffer like this