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I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis last year.
sadly for me it was on my 22 b-day :) What a gift LOL

I have noticed that I am tired alot and become fatigued easily.
I have muscle aches and my joints ache like as if there cold.
I am no longer taking my asacol because My specialist said that I am in remission with my UC.
He came to this conclusion thru the colonoscopy he did.
I thought that if you were in remimsion you wouldn't have all the side affects of the UC.
I thought the symptoms would go away with the UC..
Does anyone else experiece any of these symptoms with their Uc.

I do plan on making an appointment with my doc to talk to him about this.
But, I would like to hear from other people suffering with ulcerative colitis.

Thanks for listening to me
sid♥ :wave: