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Hello everyone,

I was diagnoised with UC over a year ago and have not had to many attacks since I began my medication. (Asacol every 8 hours). However, for the last few days I have been expericeing bloody dirreah and some adominal cramping. It is not nearly as serve as it used to be, but what worries me most is the bleeding. The bleeding itself is not extremly serve, but its still there. Is this something that I need to go to my doc about right away? OR is this just a flare up and should I see what happens for a few days? This is really the first time I've had a signifigant re-occurance since I was diagonised, so any help or advice would be very very helpful. Im just very nervous about this whole thing....as you know, its not easy to live with...

Thanks guys.......

Hello guys,

Thanks inhisname and quincy for your feedback!

Since my last post my symptoms were getting better and it seemed my flare up was subsiding. However, within the last week, it has flared up again and the bleeding has not stopped for about a month now. I have also tried to watch my diet, but currently it is not helping.


I have left sided colitis that does not go beyond my left side. Currently, my doc has me on 9 asacol daily, as well as 1 canasa, and he said to take some Imodium when necessary. You are right about the Canasa, it really hasn’t helped at all. After talking with my Doc, Im currently going to stay on my current treatment for now, which is good in a way (at least Im not on any steroids yet). Im not sure why my doc was so eager to put me on the steroid so quickly, but now he seems willing to try anything possible to not go on the steroid (change of mind I guess - strange, but good).

I live in the USA, and I would be willing to try other non-steroid treatments. Have you ever tried the Rowasa for UC flare ups? What is the 5ASA treatment route? Is there any reason my Doc hasn’t mentioned these to me?

Also, I was wondering if you have ever had any muscle soreness related to UC flare ups. It may be a stretch, but since my flare up has started, my muscles, (esp. my hips and legs) are very sore (even to the touch). I do lift weights (5 years + now), but i have done nothing different that would warrant this kind of muscle soreness. Im also thinking about taking a break from weight training, as Im not sure if it causes any UC related problems.

Thanks for all your help with my questions. Any info would be extremely helpful, as I am still trying to learn about UC. Thanks again!