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[FONT=Comic Sans MS]Well, what I can say is that 300mg of Lyrica is enough to sedate a small horse. I used to take depakote and I had the SAME "sleeping 20 hours a day" side effect from THAT (without the fluid retention etc). I am now on 80mg of methadone (an increase) and I am having NO sleepiness during the day. Of course I looked at my sleep inducing meds and also cut out 4 or 6mg of Zanaflex, and 100mg of 300mg of Topomax. The Lyrica I stopped over a week ago and FINALLY just started feeling better about 2- 3 days ago. So, I'm pretty sure what it is. My meds for pain and bi-polar II are:

Methadone 80mg
Zanaflex 2mg (reduced from 6mg 48 hours ago)
Morphine ir 15mg (reduced from 45mg 48 hours ago)
Topomax 200 mg (reduced by 100mg 48 hours ago)
Lexapro 30mg
Remeron 45mg
Asacol 400mg (antiinflamatory for intestinal tract)
metoclompromide 12mg 3x daily
Zelnorm ? 3x daily

Good thing I have prescription coverage I guess. But anyway, no more daytime sleepiness for me--unless it's REAL COLD--and that's "normal" for me.