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:angel: I have had gastric by past 1.5 years ago and lost a healthy 124 pounds down 1o 146 but I was thinner prior in my younger years at 140 around age 32 with one son now 12. I went up to 260 up to the age of 37 from a couple of years of prednozone treatments for 3 years straight and then asacol came along thank goodness. After suffering for ulserive colitist and chrowns disease and depression and all the deseases from obessity and age I became inative from chrowns and all stomic allness I beleave from the grace of god.

I was in remission of all stomic aliments of two going on three years now then got approved stomic health wise for gastrist by pass a medical nessaty. I type typo too! I feel the best I ever felt since age 16 which I have always felt. I am able to go back into the gym roller skate and wobble with my 12 year old son and 15 year old step daugher and much more family activities.

But I have delevoped colitist and a stomic infection. With only one bad case of spasms which put me in the er prior to dx. Now I feel like I am getting better but not letting it damper my progress in the gym and activites. I have depression from a very young age and have 3 years of dbt behind me that also saved my life. Ways to cope with depression threw all triggers. I help others with a self help group and it keeps me going on ......they help and remind me to use my skills too.....

But I can't help what wounder not worry but wounder. They keep putting on the news about people dying a year after bypass surgery. But they will not tell us why? So why tell us about the deaths?????? oh well ......

I know some can loose too fast. I know some there intake is way smaller due to the smallerness of stomic size than others and loose too much and can not put the weith back on to have the surgery they need to stay alive but there is something else they are not revealing!

Does anyone know??? My stomic infection they are still reserching and don't know much about it yet why and how to fully treat it. My dr. is very good and this time he is very passive about everthing maybe he just don't know right now and he doen't feel it's not that bad and lets hope what he gives me will work if not as things might advance he will get more serious as this goes on like he usually does. (A dertemined find getter of new and unseen things but laid back). Maybe I am the one that is too inpatianct to find out more about this condition and need to lay back and relaze too since I am doing great!

Seeking the unknow reasion more people are droping please reply!
Kellie Maria :jester: