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I have been in out of doctors offices since September of 2005. I am 17 years old and have been having diarreah on a daily basis. I have bm's more than eight times a day unless I take over the counter pills regularly. I try not to take the pill unless I have to because then I have painful cramps.

I have tried changing my diet by cutting out sugar, caffeine, I tried the brat diet. I don't ever eat fast food. I have had fast food twice since this whole thing started. I have had colonoscopies that have showed nothing. The doctors said that is wasn't colitis or IBS. I was taking a medication called Asacol. I have since stopped taking it since I was experiencing cramps and still having occaisional bouts of diarreah. I was also taking Culturelle. It stopped the diarreah while I was taking it ,but the diarreah came back after the first day of stopping use.

I am getting frustrated because my doctors seem to be content with where I am just taking pills but I feel horrible. I can hardly make it through class without going to the bathroom. The worst has been Lacrosse. Most of the fields don't have bathrooms so I have to take medicine and play with cramps.

I would appreciate any advice anyone could offer. I am 17 and don't want to have to take medication for the rest of my life.