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and all turned out fine?
pregnant with first baby and have ulcertative proctitis....ob and GI both say it's fine to be on asacol during entire pregnancy...haven't been on it for first trimester......trying to do no meds during pregnancy......had an appt with my GI today...told me it's safer to be on the drug to prevent the flare than to have a flare when pregnant due to possible contamination of fetus....

who's been on it during pregnancy?
:wave: hi, i am exactly the same. was diagnosed with ulcerative proctitis around 2years ago and still having symptoms despite the asacol. after finding out i was pregnant (now 10 weeks) i was told to continue with the asacol and it would be perfectly fine. i take both tablets and enema. i just wish i could be rid of the symptoms and enjoy my pregnancy....good luck
Hi there...yes, it's my first. i knew i had to go for it one of these years (i'm 32) but didn't think it would be so simple :rolleyes: was petrified at first-so scared of the labor process-but have become happy-just want the baby to be healthy....so i'm more concerned with that than i am with excitement for some reason. will be such a huge adjustment for my husband and i who have been married for 6 years (together for 13!)....we have 3 cats who have been our babies...to add another human to the mix will be very strange:)

so far so good.....around week 8 i was becoming queezy in the afternoons and evenings...still get that way in the evenings but not as bad. a bit constipated and tired. definitely gaining weight since i didn't have a bad case of morning sickness......pants are TIGHT!

have you seen the heartbeat yet? we did-twice....very exciting and so amazingly hard to believe you're carrying LIFE inside you, huh! have next appt on 6/6 and will be asked if we want to do the quad screen...think we'll pass....not like we'll terminate or anything now.

take care and hope your UP gets under control...have you ever been put on the foam? works wonders and sounds much worse than it is....really worked for me when i was in a flare but asacol has really helped me throughout the years.....nice talking to someone with UP...not many of us out there.

you can keep in touch...i'm on the pregnancy board-december mommies...
I know I am a bit late replying to this. I had a baby last year and I was on Asacol and Immuran the whole time. The asacol doesnt' break down until it gets into your intestines so it doesn't get to the baby at all. So it doesn't cause a problem. I didn't have any problems related to that.
As for the colitis, it completly went away while i was pregnant, it was so great! I was told that 3 out of 4 women go into remission while preg, and I was one of hte lucky ones. I could eat salad and nachos (woo hoo) and I ate them everyday! I had no problems at all. I did stay on the meds because I was afraid that if I went off them I would have a flare up and that can be much worse for baby. He is a year old now and we haven't seen any negative effects. I was also on some other meds too, but they don't seem to have caused any problems. Good Luck guys!