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Hi -

I was 8 years old when I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. I had blood in my stools - even though my stools looked entirely normal - the blood was mixed in with the stool. I also had abdominal pain, cramping, and high fevers.

I wonder what your doctor told you??

I am now 41 years old and have had about 8 colonoscopies in my lifetime plus tons of barium enemas and sigmoids. It was terrible being that young and having to go through those nasty colon tests. I now do colonoscopies about every 2-3 years. All have been normal. :)

My colitis is now mild and if I watch what I eat, I do okay. Stress plays a major factor too. I was put on Asacol for anti-inflammatory which helps with the flare-ups.

Good luck to you.