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Hi dude....I have UC (proctosigmoiditis)...diagnosed over 17 years ago. My meds are Asacol (6 daily) and Salofalk enemas (for flares and tapered to maintenance dosage). No flares have been as bad as my initial ones. I'm doing very well keeping inflammation at a minimum....considering that long-term UC increases the risk of cancer. I've also been recently diagnosed with liver disease associated with UC...primary sclerosing cholangitis (as per a liver MRI)...but recent blood tests have given a connection to Primary Biliary Cirrhosis...a bit of a conumdrum, but the med treatment for both is URSO...so I'm on that at a low dosage until a more definitive diagnosis becomes obvious. Having either also increases the risk of bowel/liver cancer....so I believe the 5ASA meds have been doing a darned good job at keeping inflammation down.

One 10mg dicyclomine daily will not cause you to become constipated. If you do have UC, it might just be limited to the lower part, and that could be why you are having such discomfort.

Just out of curiosity....what would your daily food intake consist of? Are you having other symptoms such as rectal pain or urgency upon bms?

You could also have IBS with UC....but "assuming" isn't the way to go especially when bowel disorders/disease runs in your family.It's good you'll be seeing a GI soon.

Please let us know the outcome.