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I sure hear where you're coming from re: the post op anxiety. I had my last crohns surgery about 6 years ago because of a fistula and it still seems like yesterday. It took about 15-20 years to diagnose me also. When I was first diagnosed they put me on asacol. It didn't help so then prednisone was added. Again not much difference so imuran was added. I did pretty good while on that. I had a few mini flares but nothing serious. We moved 3 years ago so I had to find a new GI. He did a colonoscopy to see where things were saw everything looked okay and took me off the asacol and imuran but my family doc put me right back on the asacol. Things weren't too bad for awhile. Recently I was put on an anti-depressant called Effexor and it seems to have put me into a downward spiral. Now they think I have a fistula to my bladder. I think the effexor is causing a lot of my problems and have stopped taking it.
Hi Twisten :wave:

So far i have been lucky to a certain aspect, i have not suferred from a fistula yet. I have got kidney damage to my left kidney from the crohn's which is irrepairable, and my liver enzymes shoot up from time to time.

I was once put on asacol with no relief. I only got relief to a certain extent when i was put on a high dose of prednisolone.

Where is your crohn's ?