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Hi everyone, Just for everyones info I have had chronic diarrhea and intestinal pain for over a year. Finally got the nerve to go the doc. I had a colonoscopy done and he said everything looked fine visually. He did some biopsies. Well got the results back and it is collagenous colitis which is (microscopic colitis). More common in middle aged women. Only 2 in 100,000 cases. So even though visually your colon looks good hopefully your doctor does biopsies. It is treated the same exact way as ulcerative colitis. I am on Asacol for 6 month treatment.
Hi all, the way my doctor explained it to me is this. First I am on Asacol for six months at first to treat the symptoms and put them under control. Mega doses of Asacol!!!! Then I guess see how the medication does. Maybe he will lower the dose and see if symptoms stay good. So the meds just keep the disease under control. I will have flare ups. Have to watch what foods, etc. As far as the biopsy, there is a high chance that it will never show normal again. I am still having set backs every once in a while but it is much better. It is an autoimmune disorder. Not fun. If symptoms persists he will put me on steroids or prednisone for a while. He said the thing is just see what medication does best for me. Thanks all.