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For nearly my entire senior year I was having Diarreah on a daily basis for weeks at a time. I went to the doctor and was prescribed medications.

I have tried cutting out sugar and caffeine. I don't ever eat fast food. I have had colonoscopies that have showed nothing. The doctors said that is wasn't colitis or IBS. I was taking a medication called Asacol. I have since stopped taking it since I was experiencing cramps, head aches and still having occaisional bouts of diarreah. I was also taking Culturelle. It stopped the diarreah while I was taking it ,but the diarreah came back after the first day of stopping use.

I am now a freshman in college having to eat dining hall food. I haven't been sick this entire time. However I started eating these sandwiches for lunch and would get sick. I also would get sick on the weekends. So I have realized that the only thing I ate differently was meat. The dining hall serves mostly processed meat so I haven't been eating meat here. I do however eat it at home. I also thought about when I was in highschool, we have meat as the main course for every meal. So what I am wondering what may have caused me to start getting sick when I eat meat and it there any other way to control it rather than medicines because so far everything I have taken gives me nausea or a headache.I would like to be able to eat meat because I enjoy meat but right now it is not worth being sick to do it.

I have gotten sick eating every kind of meat proceseed, unprocessed, red meats, white meats, with the exception of fish (it hasn't ever made me sick).

any suggestions will be appreciated.