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Well... no news is good news so far I guess.... let me explain... please excuse the lengthy reply, but I suspect for those that will (despite the warning) try to read these posts and self diagnose, my wordiness will help them . . .

As for my results . . . .I was able to choke down the Fleet prep. Although just as foul tasting, it was no where near the volume the unpleasantness did not last as long. Also someone suggestion (either on this board, or another) of chasing it w/ Jell-O got me thinking maybe 7up chasers might not be a bad idea, which sure enough, made it barely tolerable. Boy I miss drinking Lemon-lime Gator-Aide... thanks to the companies that produce these foul preps...never the less...

I did choke it down Thursday night, but Friday AM, I almost was not as successful. I made it to the appointment, and talked w/ the doc prior to. He could see the fear on my face. We talked about the possible caused and I told him about how much worrying and reading I had been doing. He asked me what I had been reading and I told him everything from open forums such as these to clinical documents, trial results, etc. I mentioned a variety of possibilities such as UC, bacterial/viral infection, fissure, 'roids, etc... Despite him being sympathetic, he was vary straight and interjected the word "tumor", which, just there gasoline on the fear fire. I could feel my face go flush and my eyes bulging. That must have been very obvious, because he immediately tried to ease my nerves by asking ".. You had this done in '02, right? Did they find anything?” I explained they found 1 polyp, but the biopsy was negative, He then asked "So, any idea how long it takes for polyps to dev...". I knew where it was headed so I headed him off saying "Yeah... 10+10... 10 years to develop, and 10 years or so to become cancerous". He smiled and said "You have been reading... so you do the math... this is 2007 and you had it done in '02?"... and he just smiled... Although it did alleviate some concern, it did not answer the questions as to why the bleeding. I know that although the math doesn't work out, in the back of my mind, there has always been that concern.

At this point I was tired of worrying, so I told him, ". . . I want to be under as far under as possible, and let’s just get this over with...” So they stabbed the IV w/ the sedative, and I was out.

As was in '02, I did not recall the actual procedure, but I recall coming to only to hear the docs say "well, there is something going on in there.. you're really inflamed and were in a lot of discomfort was we were unable to complete as much as we wanted . . . ". I recall him saying something about hemorrhoids, but I'm not sure in what context (if there was or not). He did say that because they were not able to see as much as they wanted, he wanted to be thorough and see if there was something they could see from the outside so he ordered a CT, while I was there.

So I had the luxury of a thick, pasty, most part odorless, but yet odd tasting "shake" which was difficult to get down (wonderful contrast crap). I'm glad I was still partially out of it because it had it tolerable. I think I dozed off at some point again while in transit to the CT lab. Once there, they were kind enough to ask me if I was thirsty and after that shake, I was like "hell yeah".. So they tell me "Good, we have something for you...." and hand me another glass of this pasty stuff, but this was semi-cherry flavor and pink. The cherry flavor didn't help much.. as a matter of fact, it seemed to make it worse...

Anywho, they did the abdominal CT and sent me how with a pocket full of pills, that being Asacol (pharmaceutical developers have an odd sense of humor.. AS(s)acol, GoLytly... please), Metronidazole, and Cipro.

The discharge paper indicated to call my doc in 5 days for the result from the CT scan.

So where do I stand now? Well at the risk of being too informative, I did manage to have one BM yesterday that was not an overtly blood covered gelatinous fuzzy mass which I guess is good, although today it seems to be have regressed. I still have INTENSE urges and these periodical abdominal cramps and annoying intestinal constrictions that I can feel deep inside and the cramps seem worse when I first wake up.

So looking at this objectively after all the reading, the release paper, the GI doctor's lack of urgency to keep me, his casual demeanor after the exam, radiology's desire to not keep me or asking me to "rescan", and most importantly to me, the hospital not calling me, it seems like I developed some type of infectious colitis, but that is not definitive right now.

With any luck, this is all it is . . . a temporary bout of infectious colitis, but I’ll know for sure early next week. If it is something other than that, then I’ll cross that bridge when I get there.

Now, I do want to thank everyone for their advice, attempts to curb my racing mind.and sympathy. It has helped.

Once again… thank you all….

I’ll be sure to update everyone once I have more information . . .