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Sounds like me last year (I am also 36/female). It is depressing when you are sick and they can't find anything wrong.

My colonoscopy and upper endoscopy were the last tests done. That's when they told me I had Crohn's. We're talking months of pain and tests (and thousands of dollars). They put me on meds (asacol, entocort and cipro) and a month or so later I was back to normal.

I hope something is found with the colonoscopy so they can fix it. Keep hope! I know how difficult it can be! I'm coming out of a flare up from the Crohn's but at least I know what it is and know I can fix it now! Anyway to move the colonoscopy date up? April?? Jeesh.

Btw, I am burpy ALL the time, even when I don't have pain! Very attractive ;)