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Lat year I had diverticulitis, 4 days of IV antiboitics, then a week later it perforated and I had an emergency colostomy. Had that for three months and a reversal in Jan. My concern is that I still don't know what the symptoms are early in an attack and what to do to prevent a recurrence. Both my drs. say not to add fiber because my bowels move 6-8 times a day ( no diarrhea). They say I am eating alright, but I'm afraid to eat too much of anything. I have pain when my bladder is full and this is the first place I've seen that mentioned. I didn't know I had it until the attack, thought I had IBS or was lactose intolerant and maybe I am. How do I know which it is? I always have cramping and hurrying to the bathroom so have nothing to base a "normal" on. Am on Asacol now for what dr. determined is a flare-up again and its working alright. Have pain and fullness when I eat like its sitting just below the sternum and that scares me to. I just want to know what to do to prevent more problems, I can't afford to be off work for 4 months again!