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I'm just getting over my first flare-up since being diagnosed with Crohn's last year.

I'd say I had two weeks of burning/tearing pain before seeking treatment and it's been 3 weeks on Asacol and I feel like it's over.

I don't treat my Crohn's otherwise, but that may change overtime. They put me on Asacol but after a week I called back because I felt it wasn't getting better (and mucus and blood presented). They added entocort and cipro. This weekend I finally felt like I'm over the flare-up.

I was told Asacol is an anti-inflammatory for your intestines. The entocort is a steriod (also stays mainly in your intestines) and cipro is an antibiotic. I did have some off side effects but they weren't too bad.

I feel my flare-up was caused by stress... if only I could avoid that!

If you are still having symptoms or discomfort, I'd call the doctor. He may be able to just speak to you over the phone and adjust your medication(s).