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i will keep this as brief as i can. i have had an unfathomable illness for two yesrs with acute and debilitating symptons. first i was diagnosed with lupus- wrong did not improve on meds.
my tests- shillings malabsorbed b12 iron and folate numerous times
sponyilitis and sacriolitis- bone scan still not on proper treatment.
blood clot left leg
three chest infections
numerous urine infections.
questionable lumbar punctures cist in brain told is nothing
seizure type things or black outs
hyoadrenalism steriods made me illll had to stop thatswhen i developed bronchitus which i have now 200mg of antibiotics
my rheumie now thinks i have chrons disease have responded well to methyprednisalone but got a kidney infection practically the next day
bad problems with allergic asthma
asacol helped a bit.
have developed anl fistula and severe stomach problems since xmas constipation and diarreah but more constipated now with sudden watery balck stools which is very scary and making me feel faint. a gastro i saw six months ago felt i probably had chrons.
been getting shin pains and bruising on legs
but why all the infections.

it is interesting to note that my urine infections have contained contaminants from my bowel. ok i have to metion i have also had a enlarged liver alll the specialists are now saying it is bowel problem i have ulcers around my mouth funny rashes and inflammtion and dermatitis on my face.scared p-lease help.
had a colonoscopy a while back which showed stricture by the liver and i was told it was okish my a gastro at local hospital what the hell does that mean he does not want to know.

anyone help. my family have been getting a few similar symptons which worries me as to aan infective cause?
I Have An Appointmnet On Fridayy I Woke Up Could Not Make To The Bathroom So Much Old Poo Came Out Of Me And Half Of It Black. Im On Asacol But I Noticed Sorry In My Poo My Tablets Are Kind Of Half Still There Not Absorbed. Im Scared