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finally with erthyromicin which i read is for infections in the colon and asacol im having bowel movemnets like about ten at least today im sure this is chrons/colitis and im infected also i was so blocked up for such a long time. i feel i dont want to go on the doctors always dont listen or miss something and i never get fully well i dont want to go on anymore my family dont support me at all. also my asthma which i was suffering from for months has miraculously gone away suggesting to me that this has been aninfection of some kind
You are saying you haven't had a diagnosis yet? but are assuming you have crohn's in the colon.

Are you on any other medications for asthma..preventative, etc?

It's good the erythromycin in helping....and the asacol....

you should, however, consider to take a probiotic while on and after being on antibiotics.