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Hi..are you on any other meds besides the antispasmodic? I agree it'll help you with the cramping and pain and discomfort from spasming, and in effect will help with bms....but it's not a treatment for UC.

Side effects can make you feel tired and weak somewhat, blurred vision, dry mouth..etc. I would say, that if you're having that many bms daily that you're flaring.

Sometimes with UC, we have IBS...can be exacerbated by food, especially if we're flaring. Some foods will exacerbate UC symptoms such as diarrhea, frequency, bloating.

I use dicyclomine (antispasmodic) and it helps a lot, but I'm also on Asacol (6 daily) and Salofalk retention enemas (increase for flares and taper to maintenance).

I was diagnosed with UC 18 years ago, mine is proctosigmoiditis. Where is your UC...throughout or limited?