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dear all i have posted around many boards.

my past medical history is the following.

sacriolitis spondilitis

deficiency in iron folate b12.

positive skin test fo tuberculous.

high rheumatoid factors recently an endoscopy showed inflammtion or gastritis in the left hand section of my bowel.

i also have a painful left ankle

previous clot in leg

low haemoglobins

and i get an inflammed left eye

ok i was recently diagnosed with tb on antibiotics but they dont know where it is i lost half my body weight however i cant make out what was going on in my stomach for the test/ i still seem to have syptons around chrons or sponyilitis syndromes. its like picture is not putogether yet. needless to say i am very sick. anyone any ideas especially about the endoscopy. i dont seem to be getting much insite from these bowel doctors. she said its just a bit of inflammtion anyone can get it. the tb doctor at least gave me tb drugs. but my spine eye and bowel seems to calm down when on asacol.