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and I could really use all the info I caN GET

He is on asacol 3x a day for 5 weeks now which does not seem to be helping

he has very bad stomach pain with constipation
My 13 year old son was recently diagnosed with Chrons

he has been on asacol for 5 weeks and it has helped a little but he is still in pain and Im really worried
hi i'm glad you posted i have been trying to find other parents with kids with crohns because before aug i knew nothing about this diesease my daughter was first put on steriods for the first 10 days and asacol 3x a day for good she was also having alot of pain so they put her on hyoscyamine 2x a day did not work that is the gentric name for that drug don't know the real 1 sorry then they put her on pamminne and said if that did not work she would have to be put back on the steriods because he felt like it was geeting worse but thank god the pammine is working for the pain so ask your doctor about that

she takes a total of 11 pills a day 3 asacols and 4 pammine and she takes prevciad but we have to change up wth nexium about every other week because it works better that way good luck and let me know how your son is doing please keep me posted and i will do the same she was going to the doctor every month but we went oct 10 and she is doing good on the meds so we are going every 3 months now unless she has trouble hope i helped you and let me know thanks god bless you and your son

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