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I am a 26yrs old female who had a baby 8months ago. Since I was 16yrs old I have been having problems with my tummy. I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in my own country over four years ago & until I got pregnant last year I was given steroids (predisonal suppositories & asacol tablets) However since I moved to the UK and my notes were sent from Ireland it turns out that there is no mention of ulcerative colitis. Since then I have recently had yet another horrific endoscopy that show no signs of anything, biopsy's were taken & im waiting on results. My symtoms are blood pouring from my anus when I relax on the tiolet, it could last up to 10 days, the top of my tummy inflates and goes solid like a football and I feel as drained as I do when I have a period. I have a normal period 7 to 8 days a month then just as I'm starting to feel better I end up in knots again with my rear end bleeding. My hands are always cold and I feel as if I was kicked in the stomach and im bruised. I'm very fed up as no one seems to know whats wrong. I even took pictures of the blood in the tiolet, there does be quiet a lot and I dont have to be doing a number two for it to come. Somtimes when I think I'm urinating it's actually bright red or clothed blood coming from my back side. I'm a 1st time mum and all I want is to feel healthy when I'm with my baby. Please help.