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This is my first time posting....I've been to a few doctors with no results, and I don't know where else to turn for some help. The last doctor I saw said I have laryngopharyngeal reflux, LPR.

I have been scoped, and my esophagus was a little inflamed with acid reflux. I often have trouble swallowing food and medicine. Food feels like it gets stuck in my chest, and I cough like I am choking on something. When I cough, I spit up a lot of fluid, and I feel better (I do not force myself to throw up).

My stomach burns and is bloated. My nose is often congested. I get lightheaded and dizzy when I bend down to pick up something off the floor (could this be from reflux or sinuses?).

I have trouble breathing due to the congestion/sinuses. I also have a deviated septem, and my nose closes. When my head and nose are not congested, I swallow better, and the food seems to digest better. I also am not so dizzy.

Right now I am seeing a couselor for my anxiety. I take Xanax as needed. My other meds are 40mg Nexium in the morning; and Asacol after.

Can anyone give me any suggestions? I'm tired of being miserable all the time.
sounds like you have a relatively complex medical history .. but anyways, why are you on the asacol -- crohn's dz?? ... when they did the upper endoscopy any biopsies or assumed reflux changes(heck if you do have crohn's wouldn't be the 1st time crohn's has affected the esophagus) ...

ever have barium swallow/modified barium swallow/esophageal manometry or see a speech language pathologist ... did anyone ever put you on a motility agent like reglan ... are you a diabetic ???

I know it's a lot of questions ... but having the answers, paint's a better picture of what's going on and how to put things together(if it's even possible to)

best of luck
The Asacol is for my Colitis.
I'm not sure what they called it, but the doctor did some kind of scope of my esophagus.
No, I am not diabetic and have not been on reglan.