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Hi, I am new to this board, but I have had Asthma since 1997 (developed from histoplasmosis) with hardly ANY problems until the last 6 months or so. I did not even have any inhalers. Please forgive me if this post is long, just trying to understand.
I went to the MD about a week before Halloween complaining of severe fatigue, a few panic attacks (yes, I have Panic), dry cough, and just a feeling of malise.
MD did bloodwork and noticed platelets were high, WBC high, protein, billirubin and & blood in urine. He prescribed me Levaquin (sp?).
I have been back several times since and he is concentrating on my Asthma mostly. When I would have the dry cough, these would go away within 3-4 minutes and I would be fine. He decided to put me on Asmanex and Singular. Ever since I have been on these meds, I have been coughing up mucus and every time I cough, you can hear the rustling. I have been living now with a backache (low), muscle aches around my sides and my stomach up to my breastbone hurts. Does any of these sound familiar?
ONE MORE IMPORTANT THING, I do not feel good, I feel chilled and weak, but no fever. I have felt this way since before Halloween. But yet when I keep going back to the Dr. he keeps telling me that I have something viral. Had chest x-ray a few weeks ago, came back OK.
Thanks for your help!!