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My history:

-started on nexium in 03 after laryngytis/difficulty swallowing (following start of advair)
-remained on prilosec through end of 05. Stopped after I had endoscopy with no abnormalities.
-started on intensive asthma regimen in June 06 when wheezing and congestion got bad. Started prilosec again in Dec 06 and symptoms improved.
- heavy use of foradil and asmanex plus prednisone and zithromax in may 07... also switched to protonix.
- this combo triggered nightime awakening, feeling of lpr, inability to sleep at all. I stopped protonix in June, went back to prilosec, and went to 2x which started to help.
- stopped all asthma meds with no worsening of symptoms. The respiratory issues seem to be totally a reflection of gastro issues.
- went to the gastro md in July and experimented with aciphex (worked ok 1x daily but caused very dry throat with 2x; zegerid (didn't work); and nexium both 1x and 2x.
- The nexium 2x seemed to cause swallowing problems -- particularly on the right side of my throat. When I went to 1x, the symptoms subsided 95%. I added 20mg of pepcid at night. The breathing is a little worse, but the swallowing is so much better.

I'm thinking of going to an all pepcid regimen, as I'm becoming convinced that these problems are actually being worsened by the ppis. Any thoughts?