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Just a FYI, in the PDR the manufacturers of Synthroid suggest that when babies are given synthroid that it should not be done with soy baby formula. That clearly shows that Synthroid knows something about the connection.

Have you had your thyroid antibodies levels tested?

No thyroid antibodies have been tested since my last endocrinologist visit was a few yrs ago and I don't recall which ones they were. I just made an appointment to see one & I have to wait until 3/13. Based on what's happening recently I'm not sure it can wait...Couldn’t sleep, had to sit up felt like something heavy was sitting on me & hard to breath like asthma etc and my BP was 102/88 then 10 min later 108/82, out of breath, took deep breaths to get oxygen. I was not feeling good, conserving energy. I rested on my side...I was up most of the night with that. Anyway, the tightness has lessened but is still here and its been that way for ~3 days, feels like a burp that wants to happen but no gas and its straight across the chest. I was urged to call the doc and finally did. I made that appt. and told the gal briefly what was happening and she said with that don't wait get it checked out right away...The headache is coming back again (had a break from it yesterday). I took aspirin about an hour ago and am not stomaching that too well. If this tight feeling is still with me tomorrow I'll go to the GP…I hope they do something and not make me run around to so many doctors. I'm praying for that anyway. Thanks for listening.